Sports Therapy

Helen Stoker Practitioner

Based in Ulverston in the South Lake District, I hold a degree in Sport Science and Exercise management, Sports Trauma and Injury first aid, and am a qualified GP exercise referral consultant. I have a real interest in the human body, its mechanics and our bodies ability to repair itself. My therapy isn't just for athletes or people who play sport, I treat people with everyday niggles such as lower back pain, wrist pain, neck and shoulder pain and plantar fasciitis, whilst also treating sports injuries including shinsplints, runners knee and muscle and tendon strains.

Sports Massage promotes increased circulation, directing lymphatic waste, mobilising and strengthening muscles, reduces tension, increases range of movement and generally improves performance.

Sports injury treatment uses a variety of techniques depending on the nature of your injury/pain. These include soft tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilisation and release, massage, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, electrotherapy and exercise therapy. Your first consultation will include a free postural assessment.

Myofascial release - a one hour treatment concentrating solely on the fascia in the body, myofascial release is a powerful specialised physical and manual therapy used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of soft tissue and fascial tension and restrictions.

Taping - SPORTTAPE FLEX is thought to activate stretch receptors in the soft tissue which feedback to the brain. This can help to aid function and reduce pain. It also offers dynamic support without restriction during activity. Taping can be applied anywhere on the body to increase range of movement and enhance performance. Contact us for more info..


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