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Allergy testing

If you suffer with any of the above complaints, an hour’s testing could seriously change your life!

A survey of 6,000 people in the UK, carried out in May 2003 by Allergy UK, (A Medical Charity founded in 1991) showed 69.8% either had or had a close relative suffering from some kind of food intolerance or allergy. Also 50% had children of whom 39.2% also suffered from allergic complaints.

Cumbria and Lake District Allergy testing

Recent media and government research into the causes of obesity have shown that there has been a dramatic increase in the last 30 years in the consumption of junk food and refined foods. This is leading to thousands of people developing food sensitivities and intolerances.

It has also been reported in the national press, that the NHS cannot cope with the level of allergy patients currently requiring treatment, that allergic conditions have increased 4 fold over the last 20 years and that there is currently a 2 year waiting list for NHS tests.

Here at the Ulverston Natural Health Centre we use the Quantun QXCI for allergy testing. This advanced device tests for thousands of different allergic substances,

Below is a list of some of the foods for allergy testing

Kohlrabi Saffron Seeds & Nuts Meat Alternatives to cereals Mare's milk

Bamboo shoots Leek Sage Brazil nut Deer Amaranth Milk cooked

Chili Habanero Olive Savory Coconut Duck Arrowroot Ricotta

Chili Jalapeno Onion Wild garlic Macadamia nut Goat Meat Carob Goat: milk and cheese

Fennel Potato Chive Pine nut Goose Cassava Milk (cow)

Moluchia Red cabbage Basil Almond Hare Fonio Rennet cheese (cow)

Okra, lady's finger Sweet pepper Cinnamon Cashew kernels Ostrich meat Jerusalem artichoke Sheep: milk and cheese

Artichoke Tomato Garlic Cocoa bean Quail Lupine Sour-milk products (cow)

Asparagus Horseradish Hazelnut Rabbit Quinoa

Brussels sprouts Spices & He Mustard seed Linseed Roe Deer Sweet chestnut Tea, Coffee

Cauliflower Alfalfa Nutmeg Peanut Veal Sweet potato Camomile

Chard, beet greens Allspice Oregano Pistachio Wild boar Tapioca Coffee

Chinese cabbage Aniseed Paprika, spice Poppy seeds Beef Teff Nettle

Kale, curled kale Bay leaf Parsley Pumpkin seeds Chicken Buckwheat Rooibus tea

Parsnip Capers Pepper, black Sesame Lamb Maize, sweet corn Rose hip

Pumpkin Caraway Rosemary Sunflower seed Pork Millet Tannin

Radish red, Radish Cardamom Thyme Walnut Turkey hen Rice Tea, black

Rutabaga Chervil Vanilla Yeast Tea, green

Savoy cabbage Clove Yeast (beer, brea Cereals, gluten Mushrooms Peppermint

Spinach Coriander Sweeteners Preservatives containing Bay boletus

Stalk celery Cumin Agave nectar Benzoic acid (E Kamut Cep (boletus)

White cabbage Dill Maple syrup Sorbic acid (E20 Barley Chanterelle

Aubergine Garden cress Cane sugar Thickening Age Gluten Oyster mushrooms

Beetroot Ginger Honey  (Mixture) Agar-Agar (E40 Oats Shiitake

Broccoli Juniper berry Carrageen (E407 Rye Meadow mushrooms

Carrots Lavender Eggs Pectin (E440) Spelt

Celeriac, knob cel Lemon balm Chicken egg Tragacanth (E41 Wheat Milk products

Chili Cayenne Lovage Goose egg Xanthan gum Camel's milk

Courgette Marjoram Quail eggs Guar flour (E412) Halloumi Halibut

Cucumber Pepper, white Kefir Herring

Fruits   Banana Fish & Seafood Pollock Salads

Blackberry Cherry Angler, Monkfish Salmon Dandelion

Blueberry Grape Blue mussels Tunafish Chicory

Cranberry Kiwi Eel Endive

Currant Lemon Iridescent shark, Sutchi Iceberg lettuce

Gooseberry Nectarine catfish Lollo rosso

Grapefruit Orange Lobster Radicchio

Guava Pineapple Octopus Rocket

Honeydew melon Strawberry Oysters Romaine / Cos lettuce

Lime Watermelon Red Snapper Butterhead lettuce

Lingonberry Scallop Lamb's lettuce

Mandarin Sea bass Legumes

Pomegranate Shrimp, prawn Broad bean

Prickly pear Anchovy Chickpeas

Quince Carp Lentil

Raspberry Cod, codling Mung bean, green gram

Rhubarb Gilthead bream Green bean

Sea buckthorn Haddock Green pea

Avocado Hake Soyabean

Date Mackerel

Fig Plaice

Lychee Sardine

Mango Shark

Papaya Sole

Peach Squid, cuttlefish

Pear Swordfish

Plum Trout

Yellow plum Zander

Apple Crayfish

Apricot Ocean perch

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