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There are many different types  of massage offering a range of health benefits. Here we take a look at what they involve and how they can help you decide which treatment could work best for you.

Massage involves using the hands to perform movements on the skin to promote relaxation, healing and wellbeing. The main technique involves stroking, kneading, rubbing or pressing on the body.

Aromatherapy Massage  uses essential oils, derived from the flowers, leaves, stalks and roots of certain plants and trees. 

Swedish gymnast Per Henrik Ling was largely responsible for re-establishing therapeutic massage, based on anatomical principles, in Europe in the late 19th century. In the 20th century, french chemists, doctors and beauticians revived the study and use of plant oils in healing, leading to the popularity of aromatherapy today.

Modern Western  Massage techniques are based on an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. The hand movements are used to facilitate the circulation of blood and the lymphatic system to release muscular tension and joint stiffness.

What is Massage good for?

When the body's touched, receptors in the skin send messages to the brain causing the release of chemicals such as endorphins. These produce a sense of relaxation and wellbeing and can also relieve pain.

Massage  also improves the flow of blood and lymph fluid, helps to eliminate waste products from the body, relaxes the muscles and can help regulate hormone production and stimulate the immune system. It's also useful for specific ailments such as asthma, depression, neck and back pain, insomnia, immune deficiency disorders and diabetes. It can also be helpful during pregnancy and labour and is used to help premature babies thrive and mothers bond with their infants.

What does Massage involve?

We offer Massage therapy here at Ulverston Natural Health Centre, this therapy is performed directly on the skin. Clothing is usually removed for a full-body, although underwear can be worn if you prefer. Towels cover the areas not being massaged helping to keep the body warm.  It takes one and a half hours. We also offer a 45 minute treatment ,usually of the neck, back and shoulders.

Hot Stone massage and Remedial massage are also offered here at the Ulverston Natural Health Centre.

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