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Light Therapy

Crystal Colour Dome 

How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

Imagine walking inside the rainbow and being filled with vibrant colours from the warmest reds through to the deepest indigos and violets. The body needs a good diet and nutrition, however “human beings cannot live by bread alone”. The  Dome wakes up and switches on the pure crystal light in the cells of the body, providing nutrition for the mind.

The Crystal Colour Dome helps with S.A.D.- Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Russian experience suggests the following benefits of the Crystal Colour Dome ::

Upgrading the brain

Rejuvenating sleep

Rejuvenates brain cells

Expands consciousness

Life enhancement

Enhances vitality and creativity

Clears stress / fatigue quickly, effectively and joyously

Cuts through depression, S.A.D., winter blues and ME

Aids cellular regeneration and rejuvenation

Slows down the ageing process

Children benefit enormously, helping them realise their full potential

The immune system is reactivated so that the body can clear out toxins and infections. Many patients mention re-finding vigour of their youth. Old limiting patterns can be discarded and space for change can occur including hairstyle, clothing, furniture, food, music, new friends and life vocation.

Rejuvenation of Brain Cells 

The Laser Biology Institute in Moscow has found that the  Crystal light Dome reactivates the nucleus of the cells and wakes up on the deepest cellular level. Professor Koru in Moscow found that mitochondria in the cells absorb coherent light and convert it to electrochemical energy, increasing cell reaction rates, activating DNA.

The greatest benefits of coherent crystal light occur in the mitochondria rich fatty tissue in the brain. The light stimulates regeneration of neurones and their interneural connections. Research in Sweden has shown that the C.C.D. provides extremely effective treatment of phobias, depression, S.A.D. and stress related disorders. The C.C.D. also aids in the expansion of consciousness for life enhancement and transformation.

The Crystal Colour Dome helps with S.A.D.- Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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