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SCENAR is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator.

Scenar is a hand-held device that delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic electro-stimulation, onto and through the skin. It is a biofeedback device involving no drugs and no surgery, working to help the body heal itself.

Scenar is a medical technology that can have a profound effect on both acute and chronic painful conditions and physical dysfunction that may not respond to other forms of treatment.

How does Scenar work?

When the body is unable to maintain homeostasis (meaning balance), it can eventually experience physical dysfunction and pathology, helping the body to regain and maintain homeostasis (balance) by finding and treating "asymmetries" – telltale signs and symptoms of homeostasis (balance) is absent in the body.

Can this Scenar therapy help me?

If you have pain or physical dysfunction then this therapy can help you.

The effectiveness of SCENAR therapy for pain relief is substantial and last longer then other pain control methods. A Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) randomized control trial using ENAR (SCENAR personal device) versus conventional TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) has been conducted in Sydney and this showed dramatic and sustained results with chronic pain reduction, functional improvements and general health restoration.

Your Scenar treatment

Before your first visit we ask you to come in about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can fill out a patient intake form. Your initial visit will be comprehensive so please allow at least an hour for your treatment. You will be shown to a treatment room and meet your therapist, who will discuss with you the reason for your visit and carry out your treatment.

What will happen during my Scenar  treatment?

The SCENAR device is a small hand held unit and the therapist will apply it onto your skin until you feel a tingling sensation. It will not be painful.

The Scenar treatment will last for approximately 45 minutes to one hour for most people. For acute injuries the treatment time is usually about 30 minutes. You will be encouraged to tell your therapist of any changes you feel / sensations you experience. The aim is to achieve a CHANGE in your condition during the treatment.

In some cases you may feel worse after the treatment. Please do not be alarmed – it is a good sign! It indicates that your body is responding quickly and change is occurring. This is what we are looking for after your first consultation – CHANGE. You will be asked to keep note of any changes you experience after your initial treatment: good or bad. Bring these notes (mental or written) to your next treatment and tell your therapist. It will help target further treatments.

In most cases you will require a minimum of three treatments (some acute conditions may resolve sooner). You have the option of paying for each consultation or prepaying for three at a time and receiving a package price. Your Scenar therapist may also recommend the use of an Energy Blanket to use between your clinic visits. The Energy Blanket can be hired on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. Further information about this can be obtained from the clinic on your first visit.


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